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Aegean Blue is a spectacular property overlooking the sea on the Greek island of Lesvos.  With a beach on its doorstep, an activity deck and stunning cliffside pool, it is the perfect spot for those wishing to escape the stresses and demands of modern life.  
Whether you wish to hire the whole complex for an event or simply want a place from which to explore our breathtaking island, Aegean Blue can help.  We offer flexible accommodation and packages to suit every need, interest and specialism.  Just tell us what you are looking for and we will be able to design the bespoke package for you.  
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Aegean Blue's unique atmosphere and unity with the rugged Greek island landscape allows even the most committed urbanite the opportunity to rediscover what it means to simply be.  Offering breathtaking panoramic views that take in the sea, the mountain range and the area's natural farmland, it really is the place where you can leave the rat race behind and let the elements reclaim your senses.

The eclectic island of Lesvos, nestling off the coast of Turkey in the Eastern Aegean Sea, is the third largest of the Greek islands. Its reputation for offering a little of everything is well documented and deserved.  From its ever-changing landscape to its wide variety of flora and fauna and places to visit, Lesvos offers visitors an incredible and unforgettable holiday break.

The Lesvos experience is truly an unspoilt taste of vanishing Greece.

“Nowhere, in no other spot on earth, do the Sun and the Moon reign so harmoniously, do they share their powers so justly, as on this piece of earth… I speak of the island which, when later peopled, was called Lesvos.”

- Odysseus Elytis
Poet and Nobel prize winner

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