Podaras Lesbos Greece
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Please note that Aegean Blue is primarily a retreat from the stress of modern living and is therefore not normally suitable for children under the age of 12.

Anemos apartment

Xalikia apartment

"The rooms are clean, functional, light and airy and much more spacious than usual.  And the views are simply incredible! We stayed in Anemos at the back of the property and were lucky enough to watch an electrical storm hit the mountains.  What an awesome experience!...we thoroughly recommend hiring a car as the island is a gem and deserves to be explored.  Aegean Blue is a great starting point."

Andy McGraves, guest 2017

Aegean Blue


Aegean Blue is a spectacular property built on a cliff top. It boasts panoramic views of both sea and mountain and some of the most spectacular sunrises, sunsets and shooting star displays to be found in the northern hemisphere.

Although the traditional fishing village of Tavari with its lovely selection of local tavernas and bars is only a fifteen minute walk away, Aegean Blue itself offers seclusion. There is however, a tiny and charming family-run beach taverna, open during the months of July and August, serving a tantalising selection of home-cooked Greek fare and drinks, with music and dancing for those who are game. The experience of listening to traditional Greek bazouki music while eating kalamari and horiatiki salata (village salad) at a table set upon beach sand is not to be missed!

For those wishing to escape the stresses and demands of modern life, this is the spot.  Its unique atmosphere and unity with the rugged Greek island landscape allows even the most committed urbanite the opportunity to rediscover what it means to simply be. Leave the rat race behind and let the elements reclaim your senses.

Sit back in the warmth and watch the light play while a herd of goats picks its lazy way down the steep mountainside, the soft sound of the bells carrying on the breeze.

Take in the arresting scents of wild basil and oregano during the day and nichtolouthia (night flowers) in the evening. And allow yourself to relax totally as you watch the sunset give way to the moon rising over the cliff tops. Then gaze with wonder at the night sky for a view unrestricted by light pollution.

Thalassa apartment

Sirena apartment

Thalassa apartment

Thalassa apartment

Anemos apartment

"The Aegean Blue property is perfectly situated.  With the Aegean sea to the south and the mountain range to the north, it offered me peace, tranquility and the opportunity to truly switch off.  And nothing is too much trouble for the Michaelides family who are warm, friendly hosts."

Kim Stones, guest 2018