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  • Some historians have it that the name Lesvos comes from the Phoenician word ‘esvos’, which means seven, as Lesbos is the seventh largest Mediterranean island. Others say that it derives from the hero Lesvos, son in-law of Makaros and son of Lapithos, famous for brave deeds. Who knows?
  • Archaeological excavations on Lesvos so far show that the first known inhabitants lived in Thermi in about 3000BC. They were peaceful people, whose main occupations were in agriculture and fishing. It seems that not much has changed right up until the present day!
  • Sappho, famous for her emotional and lyrical poetry, was born at Eressos and, according to Plato, was the tenth Muse. Many legends attach to her name.
  • The whole history of strategically-placed Lesvos from the time of its first settlement is punctuated by wars, annexation and plunder by one dominant world power after another and Greek rights to the island were not finally recognised until the Treaties of Sevres (1920) and Lausanne (1922), which finally ended the 300 years of Turkish occupation. The three and a half years of German occupation from 1941 to 1944 are peppered with stories of Greek heroism and national pride.